Remodel Authority Additions

In the song “Monkeys in the Bed” there is a line in it, “roll over, I’m crowded.” Are you feeling just a little too crowded in your space? At Remodel Authority we can help with that. We have a team of skilled craftsmen that can add space to your existing home.

Our consultants can help you design an addition that will blend seamlessly with your existing home, and add the space you need. Once you have the space, we can help with everything you want it to be. We can add an extra bathroom, or we can add another bedroom, or we can do both. We can add a beautiful new wrap around porch to your home. Do you wish your master bedroom were a little bigger with a bigger bathroom? We can do that.

Our team of skilled craftsmen will do everything from pouring the foundation, to setting the roof trusses. If you would like to see what we can add to your home, please call one of our consultants.