Remodel Authority Full House Remodel

Often times we hear people say, “I love the neighborhood I live in, I just don’t love my house.” At Remodel Authority we can use your existing home and remodel it into a home you love. We have design consultants that will help you plan out your new home.

Our skilled craftsmen can make your perfect home possible. We can remove walls to give you an open concept home. We can build new rooms for additions for your family. We can remove or combine rooms if you want bigger spaces. We can swap room layouts. We can add bathrooms or relocate them. We are only limited by your imagination. We have over 40 years of construction experience. If you want it done, we can do it.

If you love your neighborhood, if you love your schools, if you love your trees but do not love your home, give us a call. Our consultant will come out to help you design a home you love.